SCSI & Fibre Channel Cards

Sun SCSI & Fibre Channel Cards PCI & Sbus Expansion Slots

SourceTech is the number one source for new, used and refurbished Sun expansion cards. When you need replacements and adapters to expand your data center storage capabilities, call SourceTech for Fibre and SCSI interface cards. We have Sbus and PCI bus disk cards for your system architecture.

Buy used SCSI and fibre adapters for a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay elsewhere. When it doesn’t make sense to pay premium prices for new SCSI cards for older systems, call source tech for previously owned expansion boards that are guaranteed.

In addition to SCSI and fiber channel boards, we have everything else you need to repair and upgrade Sun systems at the component level

SourceTech carries disk I/O cards for all Sun platforms.

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Sun Disk I/O Expansion Cards
Sun SCSI Adapters
Option #Part # Description
SG-XPCI1SCSI-LM320375-3255PCI/PCI-X Single Ultra320 SCSI Adapter
SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z375-3366PCI Single Ultra320 SCSI Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI2SCSI-LM320375-3191PCI/PCI-X Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter
SG-XPCI2SCSILM320-Z375-3365PCI Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter, RoHS:YL
SG-XPCI8SAS-E-Z375-34883Gb PCI-X SAS 8-Port Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCIE2SCSIU320Z375-3357Dual-Channel Ultra320 LVD SCSI PCI Express Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCIE8SAS-E-Z375-3487PCI-E 8-Port Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
X1032A501-5656Single-Ended Ultra/Wide SCSI/FastEthernet (SunSwift PCI)
X2222A501-5727Dual FastEthernet / Dual SCSI PCI Adapter
X4422A501-6635Dual GigabitEthernet / Dual SCSI PCI Adapter
X4422A-2501-7490Dual GigabitEthernet / Dual SCSI PCI Adapter, RoHS:Y
X6540A375-0005Dual Single-Ended Ultra/Wide SCSI (PCI)
X6541A375-0006DualDual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI (UDWIS/P)(HVD)
X6758A375-3057PCIPCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI Host Adapter (LVD)
Sun Fiber Channel Options
Option #Part #Description
SG-XPCI1FC-EM2375-3304 2Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI1FC-EM4375-33984Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI1FC-JF2375-3156 JNI 2Gb PCI Single FC Host Adapter
SG-XPCI1FC-JN2370-5702 JNI 2Gb PCI Single FC HBA
SG-XPCI1FC-QF2375-3102 2Gb PCI Single FC Host Adapter
SG-XPCI1FC-QF4375-3354 4Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI1FC-QL2375-33832Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI1FC-QLC375-3364Entry-Level 2Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI2FC-EM2375-33052Gb PCI-X Dual FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI2FC-EM4375-3399 4Gb PCI-X Dual FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI2FC-JF2375-3157JNI 2Gb PCI Dual FC Host Adapter
SG-XPCI2FC-QF2375-3108 2Gb PCI Dual FC Host Adapter
SG-XPCI2FC-QF2375-33632Gb PCI Dual FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCI2FC-QF4375-3294 4Gb PCI-X Dual FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCIE1FC-EM4375-3396 4Gb PCI Express Single Port FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCIE1FC-QF4375-33554Gb PCI Express Single Port FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCIE2FC-EM4375-33974Gb PCI Express Dual Port FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
SG-XPCIE2FC-QF4375-3356 4Gb PCI Express Dual Port FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y
X6727A375-3030PCI Dual FC Host Adapter+, RoHS:YL
X6767A375-31022Gb PCI Single FC Host Adapter
X6768A375-31082Gb PCI Dual FC Host Adapter
X6799A375-3019PCI Single FC Host Adapter
Sun SCSI – Fiber Channel – I/O Boards and Expansion Cards
Option #Part #Description
X171A501-1840SBus Expansion Board (EOL 01/00)
X447A370-1795PCMCIA Modem, U.K.
X450A501-1881SBus Ethernet Controller (EOL 01/00)
X453A501-1881SBus Ethernet Controller
X467A595-3780MII-AUI Transceiver
X595A370-1426Fiber Channel Optical Module
X974A370-1575Serial Asynchronous Connectors
X1008A501-1931Serial/Parallel Controller
X1009A595-2219HSI/S Serial/Parallel Controller
X1012A530-1871Expansion Kit
501-260310/100- BASE-T CABLE, RJ45-RJ45
X1013A530-1871ISDN Expansion Kit
X1014A501-1932Token Ring Adapter
X1016A595-3446SunLink FDDI/S 3.0 Dual
X1017A530-1871ISDN Expansion Kit
X1018A501-2739Sun Fast Ehternet/Fast Wide SCSI-2
X1019A595-2219HSI/S SBus Adapter
530-181210BASE5 ADAPTER CBL, DB15,70MM
X1024A180-1737Sun FDDI 4.0 DAS 370-3143 CBL,ASSY,FDDI 5.0
X1025A370-3142Sun FDDI SAS 5.0 Adapter
X1026A180-1737Sun FDDI DAS 5.0 Adapter 370-3143 CBL,ASSY,FDDI 5.0
X1030A501-2367SBus PCMCIA Controller
X1032A501-2741PCI 10/100BaseT NIC
X1033A501-5019PCI 10/100BaseT NIC 2
X1034A501-4366PCI QFE Card
X1035A537-1009PCI SunFDDI/P SAS 1.0
370-2811HDW,FDDI PCI,SAS 2.0
X1036A370-2812PCI SunFDDI/P DAS 1.0
X1039A370-2728375-0001PCI SunTRI/P 1.0 530-2093ASSY, TOKEN RING BOARD, PCI
X1041A370-3089PCI SunSAI/P 1.0 370-2810I/O BOX, SAI PCI
X1044A375-0002PCI Gigabit Adapter
X1045A375-0003SBus Gigabit Adapter
X1046A380-0001Gigabit Ethernet Switch
X1049A501-4837Quad Fast Ethernet 2.0 SBus Card
X1052A501-1902SBus Differential SCSI Card Host & Buffered Ethernet
X1053A501-2981SBus Fast SCSI 2 Buffered Ethernet
X1054A501-1869SBus SCSI Buffered Ethernet Controller
X1054A530-181210BASE5 ADAPTER CBL, DB15,70MM
X1055A501-1850SBus SCSI Host Adapter
X1056A501-2655Fast Ethernet Adapter
X1057A501-2069SBus Fibre Channel Adapter
X1057A370-1426Fiber Channel Optical Module
X1059A501-2919Sun Fast Ethernet 10/100
X1060A501-2794SunATM-155/Fiber SBus Card
X1061A501-2795SunATM-155/UTP 5 SBus Card
X1062A370-1704SBus F/W DWIS/S Adapter
X1063A370-1703Bus F/W SWIS/S Adapter
501-2864Sun ATM/622MFiber 2.1 Adapter
X1065A370-2443Ultra DWIS/S Host Adapter
X1066A501-3028PCI SunATM/P-155MMF Adapter
X1067A501-3027PCI SunATM/P-155UTP Adapter
X1068A501-3029PCI SunATM/P-622MMF Adapter
X1070A370-3878High Performance Parallel Interface Board
370-3879CABLE ASSY,HIPPI/P 1.0
X1071AHIPPI/P 1.1 Interface Board
X1072A501-1840SBus Expansion Adapter
SBus501-1841 Expansion Controller
X1073ASC 2.1 SCI/SBUS Board
X1074ACluster SCI PCI-64 Adapter
X1080A370-3278Sun ESI 1.0 X1086A SunVideo PCI Card w/SW
X1087A370-3278SunVideo PCI Card
X1120A501-1980SBus SunPC 486SX Accelerator (EOL 11/00)
X1121A501-1981SBus SunPC 486DX Accelerator (EOL 12/00)
X1140A501-4375SBus Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card
X1141A501-4373Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card
X1142A370-3142SBus FDDI Adapter
X1143A370-3143SBus DAS FDDI Adapter 5.0
X1145A595-2219SBus HSI Interface Card
X1146ASBus Serial Parallel Controller
X1147ASBus SunATM 155/MFibre w/ SW
X1148ASBus SunATM 155/UTP5 w/ SW
X1149ASBus SunATM 622/MFibre w/ SW
X1152APCI Bus FDDI Single Attach Interface Adapter
X1153A370-2812PCI Bus FDDI Dual Attach Interface Adapter
X1154A375-0001Token Ring Interface PCI Bus Adapter
530-2093CABLE, SHIELDED RJ45-RJ45, 4M
X1155A370-2728High Speed Serial Interface PCI Bus Adapter
X1156A370-2810Serial Asynchronous Interface PCI Bus Adapter
370-3089I/O BOX, SAI PCI
X1157APCI SunATM/P 155/MMF w/ SW
X1158APCI SunATM/P 155/UTP5 w/ SW  PCI
X1159ASunATM/P 622/MMF w/ SW
X1257A370-2868Sun Cluster Channel Pack (SCI S-BUS Board)
X1308A370-1434HA CFP Enterprise 2/SSA
X2064A370-2310Sun Terminal Server
X2601A501-4312CPU/Memory Board for EX000
X2602A501-4882CPU/Memory Board for EXX00
X2610A501-4287SBus I/O Board w/256MB Fibre Channel for EX000 25MB/sec
X2611A501-4266Opt int I/O Board w/ 100MB FC-AL for EX000
X2612A501-4883Opt int I/O Board w/ 100MB FC-AL for EXX00
X2620A501-4288Opt int Graphics I/O Board for EX000
X2622A501-4884Opt int Graphics I/O Board for EXX00
X2630A501-4128Enterprise 10000 PCI I/O Board
X2632A501-4169Opt int PCI I/O Board for EXX00
X2652A501-4820Opt int FC-AL Interface Board E3500
501-4926Board, PCI IO SNFR+ w/5V RISR
X2720A501-4345E1000 Control Board
X2721A370-3795E1000 Control Board incl Ethernet Hub
X2730A501-4478Enterprise 10000 SBus I/O/ Board
X2731A501-4830E1000 PCI Module
X2760A501-4903E10000 System board – No memory, processor modules or I/O board
X2761A370-3146E10000 System Board 501-4903
X3876ASun Cluster 2.0 SCI switch
X5010ASingle-Channel UltraSCSI PCI host Adapter
X5162A501-3113Internal Disk Board 8GB/7200 USCSI
540-29384.2GB 7200RPM Disk Drive Assy
370-23674.2GB Disk Drive Seagate ST34371WC
370-34124.2GB Disk Drive Fujitsu MAB3091SC
370-34139GB Disk Drive Fujitsu MAB3091SC
530-1884EXT68-Pin/68-pin SCSI Cable, 80mm
X5163A501-3113Internal Disk 19.2GB (2×9.1GB 7200RPM) USCSI
540-37049.1GB 7200RPM Disk Drive Assy
530-1884EXT68-Pin/68-pin SCSI Cable, 80mm
150-226768 Pin SCSI Terminator FST/WID
X5164AOpt int 36GB Internal Disk Board with (2x 18GB 10K RPM Disks)
X6510A370-2195RSM 2000, SCSI Environmental Card
X6536A370-2438RSM2000 Controller 8MB SIMM, PROC Memory
370-243632MB SIMM, Cache Memory 370-2439 Power Supply CRU
370-2434Controller Fan CRU 370-2433 Battery Canister
370-2432Power Supply Fan CRU
565-1379Cable Kit
370-2869Power Supply Back Panel, Assy
X6540A375-0005PCI Dual channel single ended UltraSCSI Host Adapter
X6541A375-0006PCI Dual channel differential UltraSCSI Host Adapter
X6542A375-0082PCI UltraSCSI H/W RAID controller
530-2453CBL,U SCSI-3/VHDCI,68P 2M
X6600A530-23558 Bay Internal storage expansion kit for Sun Enterprise 450 Cable 8-Disk Backplane
530-2366DC Power Cable 8-Disk 530-2364 SCSI Data Cable 8-Disk Backplane
375-0005Dual Channel Adapter PCI Ultra SCSI
X6602A375-00788 bay RAID internal storage expansion kit
X6603A530-2453Internal H/W RAID controller
X6720AFC-AL 18.2GB 10kRPM 1″ DISK
X6724AOpt int Disk 36.4GB/10k FCAL
X6728AFC-AL hot swap 18.2GB 10K-rpm
X6729A375-0040PCI FC-AL Single-Loop Host Adapter
X6730A501-5202Assy, Host Adapter, photon
X6731A370-2303A5000 FC-AL GBIC Module 100MB/sec
X6732A370-3012A5000 FC-AL Hub 7 Slot
X6734A501-2951A5000 Chassis Hot Swap Interface Board
370-2303OE Module, GBIC, A5000
X6748ASun StorEdge PCI Dual Fibre Channel Network Adapter
X6799APCI Single FC Network Adapter
X6931ASun High-Speed Serial Interface PCI Adapter for Netra ft 1800
X6932ASunATM PCI Adapter 155Mbps. for Netra ft 1800
X6935APCI Carrier Differential UltraSCSI PCI Card
X7025AEnterprise 10,000 Memory Board – Unpopulated