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SourceTech is the leading provider of new, used and refurbished servers in the Houston area, and can provide network infrastructure solutions to businesses of all sizes. SourceTech can be that trusted hardware expert for everything from small and medium business applications, to enterprise and even big data applications. We staff some of the brightest and most attentive technicians in the industry, and create solutions for clients, rather than just selling a product.

Whether a business needs the premium performance of a new server or the value of a used or refurbished server, SourceTech can analyze a company’s needs and determine the right hardware for their situation. This includes network storage and software as well, so SourceTech’s solutions cover every aspect of the client’s network.

We offer the best brands in the industry, including HP, Dell, Oracle and Cisco, and their most respected product lines. Proliant, Integrity, PowerEdge, UCS and SPARC systems are just a few of the products SourceTech can provide, and this includes the most respected models from each line.

Companies all need a brand expert they can trust to provide ongoing support and maintenance for their new system. SourceTech has these brand experts on-hand and can service hardware that is under warranty or out of warranty. Our maintenance plans are flexible and are focused on maximum hardware uptime and preventative maintenance, so consistent system performance is the goal, and one that SourceTech proudly achieves.

The world of network IT solutions is a complex, intimidating one, even for large companies that have dedicated technical personnel. SourceTech can make the upgrading and installation process much smoother for a business, and provide the critical layer of technical support that every company needs.

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Complete Line of Sun/Oracle, HP, & Dell Servers and Storage

SourceTech stocks and sells high-end professional workstations, servers, storage systems, routers, switches, as well as a complement of computer room and

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